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An accomplished real estate professional with 12 years of having a distinguished track record of success, Michael has a unique knack for forming close, authentic relationships with his clients. Michael’s unparalleled marketplace knowledge and individualized customer service ensures each client he represents has the opportunity to get exactly what they are looking for.

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You are ready to buy a home. Are you aware of the forces at work in today’s real estate market? Multiple offers are commonplace, cash is king and even though lenders are offering the lowest interest rates of a lifetime, those loans come with very strict guidelines. All of these factors have a real impact on what you need to do before attending your first Open House. Are you prepared for this?

To purchase a home, only the most prepared buyers can truly compete for the finest properties. Andrew Rhoda Homes takes the time from Day One to relieve you of the uncertainty of this process. We truly listen to you and prepare you to meet your objectives and enjoy what can be an emotional journey. Genuine trust is exchanged and you are on your way forward.


Is it your home? An investment property? Maybe it is a family member’s home? Are you contemplating upsizing? Downsizing? Is now the time to cash-out or relocate?

The reasons you have to sell your property are many and personal, and they are very important to you and how you feel about this process before it has even begun. Through this discovery process, Andrew Rhoda will seek to learn your whole story before presenting you with some options that will lead down a path that is right for you. There is a move in your future, and we will show you how to get there.

Marketing a home’s successful sale does not happen by accident. No matter how good the market is, how bright the pictures shine, 

or how fresh the cookies are at the open house, the combination of a transaction’s many moving parts is only successful when they happen on purpose and, most importantly, with a plan.

michael combines technical know-how with savvy marketing campaigns to give you several compelling benefits. Through his knowledge, proven success and leadership in both the Los Angeles and international marketplaces, michael will give your property maximum exposure in order to reach the best-qualified buyers. His focus on creating a truly extraordinary customer experience, as well as his commitment to building lasting relationships, helps create the best value for you, allowing you to rest assured that your property stands alone and highly visible in this competitive market.

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"The quality service and personal attention I received from Michael Benmeleh was beyond what I could’ve asked for as a home seller. He is truly a first-rate professional that applied his knowledge of the local market and his sharp negotiating tactics to ensure that I received the best and highest offer for my home. Whether you are buying or selling your home, I would highly recommend Michael to get the best out of your money!"

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