Selling your

Home: Our Plan

Phase One


Initial Meeting - Learning your Objectives

The Property: Features, Details, and History
The Market: Important Questions
Making a Plan to Move Forward


Positioning Expectations, Timing, Price

Review of General Market
- Market trends and recent market history
- Near-term expectations
- Seasonal considerations
Review of Specific Market
- Assessing inventory
- Assessing competition
- Demand for property
- Property marketing periods
- List price to sale price ratios
Review of Subject Property
- Distinguishing characteristics
- Preparations
- List price and listing terms


Preparations - Getting Ready

Review of the Plan
Marketing Preparations

- Improvements, alterations, staging
- Photography
- Print, media, internet marketing
- Document, plans, inspections, surveys, title
- Disclosures
Monitoring Changes in the Marketplace

Phase Two


Introducing the Property - A Proper First Impression

Current Buyers
Print, Brochure, Internet, and Mailing Exposure
Strategic Public Relations Exposure
Private Review - Market trends and recent market history
Broker Preview
Monitoring Feedback


Marketing Phase - Our Competitive Advantage

Public Relations Opportunities
Brochure Distribution
Print Advertising
Internet Marketing
Targeted Mailings
Responding to the Market


Showing the Property - How the Process Impacts the Result

Creating the Proper First Impression
Assessing and Engaging the Prospect
Highlighting Property Features
Answering Questions / Handling Objections: Creating Value
Knowing the Competition
Demonstrating Opportunity
Gathering Client Response

Creating & Monitoring Interest
A Critical Responsibility

Networking: Making Sure All Parties are Aware of the Offering
Broker Previews
Open Houses / Private Previews


Communicating with You
Keeping you Informed Along the Way

Establishing a Method and an Interval
Communicating Marketing Efforts
Communicating Activity
Market Activity: When Other Properties Sell
Changes in the Competition
Your Needs: Changes in the Sale Process


Adjustments - Changes in the Market, Changes in our Plan

Expectations: When Circumstances Change
Shifts in the Market
Revising Our Plan
Moving Forward

Phase Three


Negotiating Offers
Where Experience Counts

Communicating Before the Offer is Received
Attracting the Right Offer
Qualifying the Prospect
Multiple Offer Situations
Pitfalls in a Proposed Offer: Preventing


Future Problems

Protecting You
- Managing Expectations
- Positioning you to win


Escrow - Executing the Contract

Creating a Timeline
Managing the Contract: Our Duties and Your Responsibilities
Service Providers
Additional Negotiations (Repair Items)
Removal of Contingencies
Preparing to Close
Final Details


The Closing - The Day You Have Been Waiting For

Transitioning You from this Property
Your Closing Statement
Post Closing Details


The Future - Andrew Rhoda is There for you

Understanding Your Future Needs
Keeping You Informed
A Resource for the Future

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